K9 Club Team


Top Dog / Trainer

A lover of dogs first and foremost. Serving 8 years in The Royal Air Force as a Police Dog Handler I have plenty of experience training and handling many different dogs. These range from German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois for protection, to Springer Spaniels and Labradors used for drug detection.
I travelled all over the world during my time in the Forces, completing tours in Afghanistan and The Falkland Islands as a dog handler.
I believe in positive reward based training and making all aspects of training fun for you and your dog.

Kata - Dog trainer


I got my first dog on my 6th birthday.  She changed my life. I started to learn how to train a dog and how to make a good bond. Since 2005 for Hajdu-Bihar county organisation of Hungarian Kennel Club I seriously involved in dog training. First I trained dogs for obedience tests. One year later I started to train dogs for IPO (tracking works, obedience, and protection).

Besides trainings I organised Owners Training Courses in frame of Hajdu-Bihar county organisation of Hungarian Kennel Club. I actively took part in organising Dog Shows in Hungary. At the same time I was introduce to mantrailing. After a year training I became a member of DEKOM (Debrecen Medical University Special Rescue Team). I worked there with my Rottweilers and Beagles and I trained Bloodhound and Hungarian Vizsla for mantrailing work. 

From 2011 to 2015 I worked for Hungarian Reformed Church Aid as a dog trainer and handler. I always thought that we have to start to teach responsible dog keeping from the early age. Therefore I organised children after school activities. I took my dogs to show how to train and what they can achieve.



I have been working for K9 Club since April 2018. I am a busy mum of four and have a beautiful boxer called Joey, he loves his walks.
I absolutely love my job. I work with all kinds of dogs and they all have amazing characters and personalities.
We spend hours walking in fields come rain or shine! I have lost phones, wellies and ended up in puddles running around after the dogs. They have a great time…and so do I!
I also work alongside Andy in puppy and adult training classes.
I am incredibly lucky to work for K9 Club, we have all become a close family and share a passion for animals and four-legged friends.



I’ve have been working with K9 Club since 2019 …time flies when you’re having fun!
I have a very energetic two year old German Shepard called Frank who did his training with Andy at K9 Club.
I enjoy all aspects of dog walking…even in the rain! I could write an essay on the silly situations I’ve been in walking dogs …wading through muddy fields, realising a steam was deeper than I thought…hunting for lost sticks and tennis balls!
I’m very lucky to live near the countryside and able to walk all my dogs through fields and woodland …freedom is the key!
The added bonus is that I’ve made some great friends with the owners and my dog walking team mates!